Thursday, October 20, 2016

#WriterWednesday: A Piece I Wrote Has Made The Top 10!

Think these are cute? Order One.

Popularity has never been my strong suit or something that has come easily to me. I've been rejected left and right for most of my twenty-five years on earth. And it seems that today in the year 2016, that's all anyone cares about.
How many followers you have equals whether or not your qualified enough to not only write a book but sell it
Nothing else matters. If it isn't quantifiable, it's justified as worthless in today's world.

I am SO very sick of it!

For example, today I went to the post office just to find out how much it would cost me to send three signed giveaway copies of an author's book overseas and I nearly left the post office in tears. 

A small hardcover book shipped from Florida to the Philippines cost $22.95.
That means to ship all three it would cost me almost $70 alone and that's just for ONE giveaway!
I started this site in order to feel as though I was putting my skills to work every day: the skills I have a college degree in as well as the talents I've had since I was a young child: my love of reading, writing, and my love of music.
So if you have ANY form of heart at all and you don't believe everything in this world should be about followers, likes, retweets, etc then please donate and know that:
60% of funds raised from the purchase of these cute and stylish designs goes to the running of The Smart Cookie Philes.
40% of funds raised from the purchase of these cute and stylish designs goes to Metropolitan Ministries Holiday fundraiser.
Thank you for giving this site a chance and reading my words.
I hope you make the smart choice and purchase one of these items since the Smart Cookie Philes is and was founded on the principle of being true to oneself and expressing who that person is, no matter what.
Feel free to "espresso yourself this Holiday season."

 I added purple to my hair. I had to feel free to be ME.

Before I go, I have AMAZING NEWS!

My piece that I wrote for my dad for Father's day was one of the Top 10 most read posts on the whole site and I just want to say thank you to all of you who read it and shared it. It's great to know that a simple piece I wrote for my dad not only encouraged him but made a difference. My writing has power and that is AMAZING! Glory to God!

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!
~Just Keep Swimming~