Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013: Youtube Style (Top 5 Videos), etc.♥

Happiness is a form of courage...I realized this year how much I love Youtube. It's a free service where you can be entertained. They have music, commercials, movies, and really funny people. You can even discover new talent on there. So, I've decided this year, I'm starting a new trend: a blog about my Top 5 favorite Youtube videos from the year. Without further ado, here goes:

Number Five: "Hold On We're Going Home"-Drake (Cover performed by Max Schneider)

I found Max Schneider technically in June 2012. I turned on Nickelodeon and the movie "Rags" was currently playing and I instantly fell in love. From then on, I've been a Schneider monkey. I've even tried to get him to come to Saint Leo to perform but no such luck. Anyway, now that my crush on him is over, I still support his talent and when he came out with this cover, it was literally when I wanted to marry this song. (Yeah, you read that right). Anyway, in January of 2013, Max's first single/music video came out, "Nothing Without Love." His debut album comes out this year so remember the name because you're going to start hearing a lot about Max Schneider.

Number Four:  Pumpkin Carving with Miley Cyrus (Jenna Marbles)

If you don't like Jenna Marbles, you basically don't have a funny bone in your body. I've always loved her videos and loyally watch every one she uploads but no one makes fun of celebrities better than her. This video is no exception. My favorite part of this video is when she goes, "People always ask me why I do that thing with my tongue. That just means you're fertile." LMAO. So funny!

Number Three:  1 Million Thank You Party -Live Chat with MKTO

In case you don't know who MKTO are, they are a duo of two guys who met on a tv show and instantly became best friends. The duo are called MKTO because not only are the two artists in the duo named Malcolm Kelly and Tony Oller but their music is for Misfit Kids and Total Outcasts. They are a pop duo currently about to release their debut album on Jan. 31, 2014 but have already released three hit singles. This year they plan to open for Emblem 3 on the BandLife Tour. They made this video after their music video for "Thank You", their debut single, reached one million views. In celebration, they decided to host a live chat and they recorded it. I love this because you can see how funny they are. It is thirty eight minutes long so only view it if you have nothing left to do. (I watched it when I should have been doing my homework. Oops.) Trust me, if you watch the whole thing, you won't be sorry.

Number Two: Killer In the House Prank (Toppy Nikci)

If you don't know who Toppy Nikci is, then congrats. You live under a rock. Minus the fact that he's my best friend, He's an Albanian-American comedian from New York. He started his channel in August of 2013 and as of December 2013, he had over 500 subscribers. Once you watch one of his videos, you'll be hooked. This video in one word: KILLS. We all love pranking our family but mom pranks are equally the best simply because moms are so sweet and have the best reactions. In this video, Toppy pranks his mom by pretending there is a killer in the house when his mom gets home. Even Ella his kitty is featured. When he mumbles, "some guy...hit me in the head," I die laughing every time. Then his mom screams when "the killer" comes out, hysterical. Hurry up and watch it before the killer gets you! Muhahaha.

Number One: Loving The Elderly (Toppy Nikci)
This video is my absolute favorite this year not only because it's loving and funny at the same time but because it really shows a side of Toppy I know all too well. He's super funny but most people don't know he's also a sweetheart. My favorite part of this video is each of the elderly people's reactions and when this video was interrupted by a random guy asking Toppy about his camera, he replies with his familiar New York accent, "Yeah, exactly." Gets me every time. Hurry up and spread the love. Subscribe to Toppy's channel before 2014 starts because this is his year, people.

Congrats to those that made the list and to the new talent Youtube will discover this year: Hats off to you. May all your dreams come true this year.♥

Before I go, I've been reading Stay Strong by Demi Lovato and in it for today, Demi said to make a list of all you've accomplished this year.

My greatest accomplishments in 2013

1. You only know you love someone when you let them go
2. Forgiveness sets you free and allows you to heal.
3. Starting and writing a good chunk of my book, One Last Breath.
4. Getting better grades in college...(I had straight Bs this semester.)
5. Reading a lot of books and learning a lot more
6. Learning to love me
7. Realizing guys are people too
8. Understanding and coming to a good place in my singleness
9. In order to gain friends, you must know what it means to be a good friend
10. Learning to be thankful and positive

As I was about to post this blog before I did, I wanted a last picture of me in 2013 and unfortunately, my camera broke but thankfully, my sister had her new Nokia Lumia to take pictures on. (I guess smartphones aren't that dumb, after all). So I'm off to celebrate the end of the year with my family and Dick Clark and all the food my mom is about to make so Happy NEW YEAR everyone. ♥

Until next time (and next year), remember, "Today I celebrate all that has been & all that has yet to be. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad..it all makes me..ME. :)"-Mandy Hale♥

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Christmas Filled With Hope♥

Happiness is a form of courage...Most of the time when I sit down to write a blog, I know exactly what I'm going to write but today, I've literally put off writing this because I didn't know exactly how it was going to go so, if you aren't scared of a little spontaneity then follow me down the pot hole...I mean the rabbit hole.

I put off writing this blog because I was hoping I would be able to blog about the fact that Saint Leo gave me additional financial aid and I am all registered for my last semester but instead, I still haven't heard from them....which is only making me start to feel helpless.

I mean what a great Christmas gift would that have been?

Speaking of Christmas, let me tell you about it.

This year, even though I had a bill for school, I decided to put my faith into action and give gifts to my immediate family only and picked my four closest friends and sent them Christmas cards. Basically, in total, my gifts for everyone including my dogs cost me less than $100. It was my cheapest most financially responsible Christmas yet. Yet, this only meant that my gifts had to be really thought out.

My parents had a rough year financially so they only bought us calendars and one gift each.

My sister Jayde bought everyone a lottery scratch off. I lost.

My sister Jamie bought herself presents and bought my mom a present.

In case you didn't know Christmas is my favorite holiday for two reasons: It's my boy Jesus' birthday and it's the season of giving and I love Jesus and giving equally. I decided that instead of dwelling on my dire circumstances, I was going to enjoy a happy, healthy holiday with my family so I did♥

 I helped decorate Christmas cookies this year...just call me Martha Stewart. :)

My family got dressed up and went to Christmas Eve service at church...since JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON.

Merry Christmas Eve ♥

 It was Katrina's first Christmas with us.

How I love my little nugget♥

You can bet I spoil my little "niece."♥

 Hazel only posed for this picture because I told her it was for Justin Bieber. Even dogs have celebrity crushes.

 My best friend and I are too cute♥

After eating dinner and Katrina getting a visit from her dad Dakota who brought each dog a present, we had cookies and watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. We usually watch A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve every year but this year, we tried something new. 

We slept in until 11:45 and then woke up and opened our presents. 

Then came time for me to pass out my presents:

I gave Jamie: her favorite movie Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging 
I gave Jayde: one of her Top five favorite movies: Perks of Being A Wallflower
I gave my dad: a DVD of five Three Stooges episodes (we always watched it together when I was little)
I gave my mom: a new alarm clock and Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer
I gave Geniveve: a box of cookies (her favorite), a bag of treats, and new shampoo that smells like Apricot. (It's like Victoria Secret for dogs lol)
I gave Hazel: a new toy that was leopard print and a bag of treats
I gave Katrina: a bed with a blanket and a bag of beef jerky (her favorite) 

My babies are spoiled...they know Chelly loves them.

All in all, it was a great Christmas!

I'm just going to keep positive confessions about my schooling knowing that, "I believe God and will see His glory." You should make this your confession too in 2014 because it will keep your faith strong despite any storm that comes your way. 

God knows I really WANT to go back to school so only by God's grace and favor, I believe it will happen. 
At least at school, I have a comfortable bed and my own room. I even have a free-flowing shower at school. Basically, at school I live the good life, and I think I took it for granted all these years but coming home, I can see how good I have it when I'm away from home and I really just want to go back. There are other reasons why I don't like staying home for too long but I feel they are too personal to publicize them.

The other night I was watching the news and they mentioned, Justin Bieber's unconfirmed retirement from show business but the news media didn't know if it was true because "there has been no comment from Bieber's publicist." I heard that and a spark enveloped my chest and I got that "butterflies in your stomach" feeling similar to be excited to see that special someone. I guess you can say I'm excited to start my future as a continued author and a publicist. I just hope Saint Leo doesn't deny me my dream's completion. 

Hey, it's almost the end of the year, which means that I will be blogging about my top five favorite Youtube videos for 2013 (a new thing I'm going to start) and also about what I resolve to do in 2014. Yet, it's also a good time to get those tax write-offs and donate to a good cause like the charities featured under the DONATE NOW section to your right or by helping someone you know finish school. :) 

Before I leave you with a final thought, here's a funny outtake of Hazel's Christmas picture and my breakfast the first Sunday I was home from college: 
 Hazel was literally sticking her tongue out at the camera.

 My dad brought us Taylor Ham back from NJ. I love Taylor ham and cheese sandwiches. So So good!

Until next time remember, "As for me, I will always have hope.-Psalm 71:14"

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A truly thankful Thanksgiving♥

Happiness is a form of courage...What a blessed Thanksgiving break I had this year. I'll just begin by telling you what I'm thankful for and go from there.

The first Friday of break I was thankful for going tanning again because I hadn't been tanning since May. Plus, going tanning is so much nicer when it's cold outside because it's like traveling in a time machine to the future where I'm sitting on a private beach for 20 minutes and napping like it's summer outside. Florida doesn't get that cold but this Thanksgiving was our coldest we've had in years. I was also thankful on Friday when I purchased my tanning package at Sicilano Tanning. Instead of it being 17.00 or 18.70 with tax. It was 15.00 or 16.50 with tax. So I ended up having a dollar left so I could go to the movies with my family on Saturday morning.♥

On Saturday I was thankful for going to the movies with my family. My mom and I ended up seeing Delivery Man and my sisters saw Catching Fire. My mom and I had a great time watching the movie which was funny and afterward while we waited for my sisters we talked about everything and anything. I'm so grateful my mom is one of my best friends. Here's some pics of Jayde and I after the movies:

 We are such sisters because we made the same face. haha.

On Sunday I was most thankful for watching the AMAs with my family. I thought they were way classier than the VMAs but that's just me.♥

On Monday I was most thankful for doing my six page term paper for my consumer behavior class and completing it all in one day. And of course, it exceeded the six pages.♥

On Tuesday I was most thankful for going to the thyroid doctor and hearing the following:
You're thyroid levels are great. Compared to last year when I still wasn't diagnosed with hypothyroid and my skin and hair were suffering, and I thought I was going to need a wig by Christmas. This break, my hair was healthy and thick upon my head instead of falling out in balls. I also started to notice that my acne has cleared up all on it's own. My face hasn't looked this clear since when I was in the hospital. Praise God for healing!♥

On Wednesday I was thankful to catch up on General Hospital with my family and to walk away like the grown girl that I am from a friendship that was only bringing me down. I was also thankful to finish paying off my Spring bill which I paid in full by God's grace and without any help from my parents. It felt pretty awesome! I also finished my Christmas shopping on Wednesday, which I did on a budget this year but hey, I put more thought into each of my family member's gifts. I also dowloaded Lecrae's new album Church Clothes 2 after I listened to Britney Spear's upcoming album Britney Jean  for free. I'm obsessed with I'm Turnt off Lecrae's album because it's like a Miley Cyrus or Drake song minus the twerking and drug references. It's basically about being "turnt up" for Jesus. I'm all about that. The songs I'm obsessed with from Britney Jean although I like all of them are Chilling With You ft. Jamie Lynn and Brightest Morning Star♥

On Thursday I was thankful that it was finally Thanksgiving! I was thankful to eat way too much food and be surrounded by way too much love from family and friends. When we went around and said thanks this is what I said I was thankful for:
1. Jesus
2. My health
3. My family
4. My friends (each and every one of you fine people!)
5. My dogs (Geniveve, Hazel, and Katrina)
6. My education at Saint Leo for what it's been and for much better grades this semester
7. My new roommates Carrie and Kristy and my room of peace
8. Lastly, the idea for my novel and the grace to continue it.♥

Then, we had a feast but before I show you the feast. Holidays are the best times for photoshoots so get ready because these are some hot and sexy pictures. 

 Jamie did my makeup and hair for me so all credit to how pretty I looked on Thursday goes to her and of course God and my mom and dad for making me beautiful Thanks Jamie. Love you♥

 We're partners in crime♥

 Geni is so cute. Even though she can't see well, she can still pose like a boss♥

 Hazel looks like E.T. in the scene when it's Halloween and he's dressed up like a ghost. Don't you see it? She's so cute.

 We love each other. :)

 My little "nugget" Katrina is so adorbs♥

 Haha. She plopped into my arms and frightened me.

 Jamie and Hazel are so cute together. Hazel loves her ride or die♥

 That's better, I suppose :)

 Yup, all this is single♥

 Mom and Hazel♥

 How adorable♥

 My sister Jamie is so beautiful♥

 Seriously, she should be a model♥

 Jayde and I with Mom♥


 I don't really know what happened here but hope this picture makes you laugh. Who knew I had such a big mouth? ;-p



 Jamie and I with Mom♥

 laughing as usual♥

 Umm yeah, about this picture...

 My sisters and I♥

 Jamie what was so funny?

 Kisses love us. haha.

 We love each other♥

 Katrina and Jayde are too cute♥

 And inseparable. Literally, I think "Nugget" will be the first dog to go to college. haha.

 Jamie and Jayde are so beautiful♥

 Or are they?

 Silly sisters♥

 Jamie and I♥

 We're partners in crime. Seriously, my sister is my bodyguard so you better watch when you're messing with me. She's 16 and 6' 2". She's a bad bitch♥ 

 I love her but sometimes she's cray♥

 Like when she tried to jump on my back♥

 Jamie and Hazel's pretty picture taken by me. All thanks goes to my camera being on Beauty Shot.

 And of course, here is our feast. It was so good. At the end of this day, 2 plates of food and 3 slices of pie, I died a peaceful death I had twin food babies♥

On Friday I was thankful for having a relaxing day listening to Joyce Meyer teachings after watching Richie Rich.  Her teaching was about being thankful and stop complaining. She said: " A lot of people will not get where they want to be because they complain about where they are." Anybody want to say Amen?♥ 

On Saturday, I called people to my GoFundMe page that I made to help me with my Fall bill in order to raise enough money to register for classes in January. The page is  Help A Senior Graduate! and even if you cannot donate yourself, I would appreciate it so much if this page goes viral so please share it with whoever you know and however you wish. You can even ask people you know to donate via your Christmas cards. I've even notified Ellen DeGenerees and I hope she helps out but if not, I still have all of you helping me so thank you! On Saturday though, I was thankful I got my first donation of $100 by my new roommate Carrie. This donation meant a lot to me because it was the first but also because Carrie has a bill of her own but chose to help me pay mine. Thanks Carrie♥

On Sunday, I was most thankful for Thanksgiving break ending on a positive note: It's one of my best friends birthdays. You all know him as Toppy Nikci but I've known him for almost four years by the name of Tom! I hope he had a bomb day and that he realizes how thankful I am to have him in my life.♥

Before I leave you with a final thought, I have more pictures to share so get ready!
 Katrina is such a pretty nugget♥

 I love this gingersnap so much♥

Me and two of my babies♥

 Me and my best friend♥

 Jamie and I decided to take a bunch of spontaneous pictures so enjoy♥

Pony rides for Katrina lol

 All three of us looking cute

Katrina is like the little infant I have yet to have♥

Jamie being awkward while Katrina and I look cute in the corner♥

 Kissing my baby♥

 I love Katrina's face in this picture. She looks like she's saying to Jamie, "Get your foot out of my face, bitch." lol.♥

 We tried to do the Lion King with Katrina.

Katrina's Chrismas photo♥

 Look back at it ;-)

 Me and my sis Jamie always make a good time out of a little♥

 Until next time remember, " Thanksgiving man, not a good day to be my pants."-Kevin James♥

I'm thankful for every moment.-Al Green♥

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~