Tuesday, April 18, 2017

International Viewers Welcome! 2 Amazing Concerts Back To Back: Hunter H...

I honestly needed this so much and God wanted to remind me who he made me to be.

Don't let circumstances steal your breath and the smile on your face.

Thanks for watching! Love you all.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

#WriterRevelations: Our Awesome God

When I was a kid, my parents always had Christian music on so I naturally grew up worshipping God whenever music was playing. I can't say we never listened to secular music but I loved Christian music and didn't realize till I was in middle school how often I listened to it, until kids pointed it out to me.

One song I used to love to sing was on the WOW CD and it was called Awesome God by Rich Mullins.

Our God is an awesome God. He reigns from heaven above with wisdom, power, and love. Our God is an Awesome God.

Recently, I've been listening to a lot of worship music and studying why we worship and the atmosphere it creates, and during Bible study recently, I felt the urge to sing that out loud.

So I did.

It gave me great peace and a smile that could rival the sun it shown so bright.

Nowadays, people call God's name with little reverence. Some use it as a curse.

We who believe in and love him, use his name so casually we don't really ponder all the He is.

Any prayer you pray in that name is being prayed to the Almighty God who created and rules over all things.

Three areas of our life are impacted by how we see God.

First, it affects our prayers. As we come to know God better and better, we start to yield more to his thoughts and plans for us, and our petitions align more closely with his purposes. I like to call it seeing God as a wide open door (more specifically, wide open arms) instead of a small, little doggy door we have to squeeze through.

Second, our understanding of His righteousness and goodness influences our behavior. When you know God desires to be good to you always and his mercy is relentless and endures long (Newsflash: God doesn't have a short fuse. He doesn't understand why humans are quick to snap over material things and while driving). If we mess up, we will again pursue our Christ-provided righteousness and repent of any and all sin( Big or small). One way I deal with this is if I start to feel an ache within about something I said, did, or even how I reacted, I walk away from the situation, and get still and say, "God, I repent of that. That was ugly, and you make all things beautiful, and I receive your forgiveness now. In Jesus' Name."

Third, our faith is impacted. Grasping that Jesus is holy, good, and powerful grows our trust in Him.
They say when you KNOW, YOU KNOW.

Do you know the Almighty God as your personal heavenly Father? He invites whosoever will believe into an intimate relationship with Him. But as with any good friendship, time and intentionality are
necessary to understand him and learn His ways.

Until next time, remember: