Wednesday, November 29, 2017

#WriterWednesday: New Poem Fresh Off The Press

            Out of the Woods

Tired of not seeing the forest for the trees
when it comes to you
I would cut down every tree to get to you 
but you would only call it wasted paper.

I tell everyone you are my world,
the sun, the moon 
all while diminishing my own star
in order to keep you shining.

Why do I hold on 
when you leave me
standing in the cold
with nothing to cover me
but a single feather.

Loving you is tough
lust and leather
that doesn't withstand
the weather;
my skin sweats 
and sticks to you

Cubic zirconium
when I wanted
a diamond ring
on my left hand.
A green remnant
reminds me that 
all that glitters isn't gold.

To have and to hold
Nothing holding me
but fear and unbelief

Not even
a prayer and sacrifice 
can save me
Religious ritual;
no faith.

I hold your picture in my hands
so hard I bleed
but you have no interest in phlebotomy.

Or me.

It's you I idolize yet
all you ever do is cut me down to size
Loving you is no prize
And frankly my dear

I'm tired of all the wasted time.

~Chelsea DeVries~