Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's a Writer's World After All

My life has become a realistic fiction novel...This blog is for all those writers out there who have been told they aren't good enough or haven't yet been recognized for their talent. Go get'em! :)

So, last Friday I gave my books to Saint Leo's library in order for them to be checked out and read. Yesterday was a rough day for me. My donating my books became the mockery of the library. Let me explain.

Ok, I was told by the catalog librarian that the director of the library found them to be not academic enough for the library. Yet, they have Harry Potter on the shelves and Stephen King. *note sarcasm that follows* Right. That was the reason.

So, now my books are being put in an archive collection for student's of Saint Leo who have published works or books. They may never be looked at or read. I hope you just shed a tear especially all my fellow writers out there. That is the worst thing a writer can ever be told that their work may never be read.

The reason I became a writer is because I'm a soft spoken girl who has a lot to say about a lot of things and have a grace to write words to heal, inspire, and motivate and move people. My words are not meant to be written and collect dust.

I also became a writer because growing up I found more and more young people don't like to read. That's so sad to me because when I was in elementary school and on days when I felt I had no friends, the characters in my books became my friends. Yeah, I know that sounds like I'm some pathetic antisocial loser but that's far from what I am. ;-)

Books are the key to giving children imaginations and inspiring them that they can believe in anything and it can be possible. Dreams do come true. Maybe not overnight but they slowly come to manifestation if you have faith.

Without writers the world would probably be a boring place.

Southpark would not be possible without the writers who write the plot line and dialog for the episodes. Basically any show you watch would not be possible without writers. Yes, even reality shows need writers. Sometimes scenes need to be narrated and those narrations have to be simple and to the point. You can thank a writer for all those narrated voiceovers Ryan Sheckler did throughout his show, Life of Ryan.

The same goes for movies. Every movie has a script that is given to all involved in it. Either a screen WRITER takes a novel and adapts it into a movie or someone comes up with an idea for a movie and writes the entire thing. Now, no movie these days would be complete without the editors as well as the special effect people but most of those people are directed by what the script tells them to do.

Today, more and more singers are expected to be singer/songwriters but some stars still have their songs written for them. Celine Dion for instance is an amazing vocalist but all of her songs were written by other people. If those writers didn't exist, Celine Dion would not exist in the music industry.

So, I would like you right now to go open a book, watch a movie, or watch a tv show or in the rare case that you feel crazy inspired try doing all three one right after the other, and when you're done, stand up and thank and applaud all the writers.

Oh and before I leave you with a final thought let me say that this blog is not me giving up writing. No way. I've come this far with God's help. There's no reason to just throw it all away. Plus, the unreleased third novel I recently finished is a for sure best seller. Just ask the few people I let read it if they liked it. :) So, no worries, loves. Chelsea DeVries is here to stay♥

Until next time, remember it's a writer's world after all. :)

Love Times Infinity,
God Bless!

~Just Keep Swimming~